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19 Oct 2006

PNWJ takes part in US documentary film.

'The Listening Project' is a documentary film shot in 14 countries that aims to find out what the world thinks about the United States. The film crew visited Mexico, China, France, UK, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Palestine, India, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan, Japan & Canada, speaking to local people in each country about their opinions of the US and 'America's undeniable global impact on the social, political and economic landscape of the planet'.

PNWJ were asked to help with finding people in Japan to give interviews. The two members of KP and Takashi Nakagawa from Soul Flower Union, both artists featured on the CD, were interviewed. Other PNWJ-related interviewees included music journalist Koichi Hanafusa, members of the Peace Boat staff and PNWJ Director Dom Pates.

After the Tokyo interviews, the film crew then travelled on to Hiroshima where they conducted interviews with hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors), amongst others.

Extracts from the crew's Japan journals can be read here, here and here (English only).

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