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23 Apr 2010

NO BASE! Okinawa Candle Action Event in Meiji-koen Sun. 4/25

Come out to Tokyo's Meiji-koen this Sunday evening, April 25th, to show solidarity with the mass rally scheduled the same day in Okinawa demanding that no more bases be forcibly constructed in the prefecture against the will of the people.

☆ Event:
Simultaneous actions for a base-free Okinawa
Candle event spelling out "NO BASE! OKINAWA"

☆ Date: April 25, 2010 (Sunday)

☆ Time: 6 PM onward

☆ Place: Meiji Park, Sendagaya Icchome / Shinjuku

☆ Access: 5 mins walk from Sendagaya station, JR Sobu Line
2 mins walk from Kokuritsu Kyogijo station, Oedo Subway Line
15 mins walk from Gaienmae station, Ginza subway line

☆ Content: songs, speeches, candle action
※ Donations of 500 yen for candles requested!

☆ Organised by Simultaneous actions for a base-free Okinawa Tokyo
☆ Co-sponsored by the Kanto Block of landowners against military

☆ Contact:

★ Background Information ★

On April 25, a people's gathering will be held in Okinawa to call
for the closure of the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and the
return of the land, as well as to oppose construction of another base
elsewhere in Okinawa.

The US-Japan Security Pact signed by the mainland Japanese
government resulted in Japan's consent allowing the U.S. to force its
unwanted military bases on the people of Okinawa. The U.S. bases
have damaged Okinawa's rich environment, and created daily issues
such as noise pollution, accidents and crime in addition to the dangers
of war.

The problems of the bases in Okinawa are not Okinawa's problem.
They are, instead, a problem of those of us from the mainland who are
forcing this burden onto the people of Okinawa. We must seriously
consider this issue now--more than ever.

If no site in mainland Japan is willing or planning to accept the bases
in its own territory, then this burden must not be forced onto Okinawa.
We cannot push the problem around within Okinawa and pretend that
we are not aware that this is happening.

The people of Okinawa are united in their opposition to the forced
placement of the Futenma base in Okinawa.The U.S. Marine Corps
must withdraw, and the Futenma Air Station must be closed.

On April 25, on the same day as the Okinawa prefectural event, actions
will be held simultaneously in various cities throughout Japan, as well as
Hawaii, Washington DC and elsewhere, to join our voices together with
Okinawa in solidarity to oppose new base construction.

This action is being called for by a coalition of well-known Japanese
individuals, including university professors, authors, artists, lawyers,
educators, commentators, musicians and representatives of NGOs
including Peace Boat, WWF Japan and Greenpeace Japan.

Citizens around the world are also called upon to hold events on the
same day, and send messages and photos in support and solidarity.

We thank you for your cooperation!



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