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18 Mar 2009

Spring Love: Music/peace event to be held April 4-5 in Yoyogi Park!

Spring Love: The hottest urban party of the season!!

The folks who bring you the yearly Earth Day festival are pleased
to announce Spring Love (Harukaze), a two-day extravaganza of
musical and dance performances to be held in Yoyogi Park on April
4th and 5th. Organized in conjunction with Peace Not War Japan,
the event will also feature a series of talk sessions with several well-
known figureson peace and nonviolent social action . Come out and
enjoy the cherry blossoms while feeding your mind and soul with some
Spring Love!!

Date/Time: Saturday, April 4th (1-8 PM) and Sunday, April 5th (12-7:30 PM)
Venue: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage
Admission: Free!!

Event will feature:

■ Performances from numerous musicians and dancers representing
a variety of artistic genres
■ Peace-related talk sessions, photography, and exhibitions
■ Events on two separate stages (Spring Stage and Love Stage)
■ Booths with literature from peace-related NPOs/NGOs
■ Spring Love Market with sales of various eco-friendly goods on offer
■ Spring Love Kitchen featuring stalls with organic and ethnic foods
■ Live painting
■ Kids’ activities

Performers (Profiles to be posted shortly):

OKI DUB AINU BAND/Keyco&Kokyo/poodles/

maccafat/Sayoko Meets Planet Sounds/
Tateiwa Junzo/Blues the Butcher (Takashi “Hotoke” Nagai, Numazawa
Takashi, Nakajo Takashi, KOTEZ)/Ca-zoku/Hana & Phenomenon/Ailie/Percussion du MATAI/ANICHE/Rankin Taxi
& Tokyo Revolutionaries/Kamebuchi Yuka&VOJA/Likkle Mai & The K/
Ichiryusai Harumi/Salsa Gum Tape/Inushiki (aka Dogggystyle)/YOSHIE/ARTMAN/DJ Gerry Ong & DJ Chiaki/
HIYOSHI/DJ YOGURT/Kudo “Big H” Haruyasu/Seino Eiichi/MASA/REE.K/SINN & MORE!

Peace-Themed Talk Session Participants:
〜Come explore perspectives you won’t get from the mainstream media!〜

(session details to be posted shortly):

Kamanaka Hitomi(director)/Toyoda Naomi (photojournalist)/
Ishida Masataka (photojournalist)/Kubota Hironobu((photojournalist)/Hatakeyama Sumiko (staff of NGO Peace Boat)/Aizawa Yasuyuki(NPO
Peace On)/Kikuchi Yumi (writer, translator, founder/organizer of Harmonics
Life Center, Tokyo Peace Film Festival, and Japan United for Ministry of Peace)/hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) from Hiroshima and Nagasaki/Shigenobu May (journalist)/DJ Gerry (psychadelic trance DJ,
founder of Dance for Peace) & MORE!

※ Event support: A SEED JAPAN, Solar System, Peace Not War Japan

※ Please note that there may be changes in the list of performers and guests.

※ For further information and a schedule of events, see the Spring Love website. (Japanese only; to be updated in English shortly)

※ Volunteers wanted before and during the event!! Please contact us at if you are able to help out.

※ Spring Love has a “gomi-zero” (“no garbage”) policy. Please leave the
venue as clean as you found it!

※ Please refrain from smoking within the venue area, as well as from taking photographs of the performers.

※ A portion of the sales of food and goods, as well as all donations placed
in our donation boxes, will be given to several grassroots organizations in
order to support their ongoing work for nonviolent peace action.


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