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28 May 2007

Calling all keitai photographers – peace is everywhere!

PNWJ is joining in with the PEACE ART exhibition to promote Article 9, and we are inviting the public to take part in our contribution. We will launch an new online gallery of Article 9-related and other images at the Artist's Reception on June 1st.

Anyone with a mobile phone (with camera) or a PC and internet connection can participate and photos can be taken anywhere.

Wherever you are – in the street, at home, on the train, in the office – you can find the number 9 somewhere. Take a picture of it and send it to our gallery. If you see the word 'peace' somewhere, take a picture of it and send it to our gallery. You might be surprised when you take a look around – peace is everywhere!

If you see something else that fits the peace/Article 9 theme, snap it and send us that too. We're also happy to take other artworks too – drawings, paintings, montages, etc.

Simple instructions:

1. Take a picture.

2. Email it to

Detailed instructions:

1. Find your subject (the number 9, the word 'peace' or anything related).

2. Take a picture, with your mobile phone or digital camera.

3. Go to (either through your browser or by scanning the QR code given below).

4. Copy the following email address:

5. Email photo(s) to that address, with a description in the 'Subject' field.

Peaceful snapping!


More information about the Article 9 exhibition at the PNWJ News blog

More information about Article 9

Peace Not War Japan

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